The Best Corporate Outing Venues in NYC From the City’s Finest Corporate Housing Provider

22 Nov The Best Corporate Outing Venues in NYC From the City’s Finest Corporate Housing Provider

After a long day of conferences and seminars, team building is the last thing on your mind. You’d probably rather experience the city or relax with a drink. But what if we told you that with the right instructors and facilities, you could do it all? NYC is full of venues that not only showcase the city’s unique flair but also give you the chance to bond with your team. At Housing Solutions, the city’s premier corporate housing provider, we
created a list of our favorites.

Skyline1. cityHUNT

See the sights and learn efficient decision-making with this city-wide scavenger hunt. You’ll receive the next clue after you coordinate your efforts and complete different challenges. You can play in small groups or against other departments, making cityHUNT perfect for companies of any size. After you trek through NYC, you and your team can rest easy in your Housing Solutions housing. All our apartment rentals come complete with a full kitchen, gym access, and other luxury amenities.

2. Pizza a Casa Pizza School

Cooking brings people together. Just ask Pizza a Casa. From the best ingredients to the best dough stretching technique, these chefs will teach your team the art of New York-style pizza. As you work, you and your team will practice effective teamwork, communication, and even creativity. Then, to top off the night, you’ll get to eat your
creation afterward.

Street View3. Proud Wineaux

If your team would rather grab a drink than prepare a meal, you need to visit Proud Wineaux. This hip bistro is a great place for your team to get to know each other over a glass of wine. As you sip and savor, their wine experts will teach you the ins-and-outs of each libation. Proud Wineaux is also located just a few blocks from our Murray Hill apartment rentals. So when your tasting class is over, you can easily move your outing to the nearby shops and restaurants.

Before you and your coworkers plan your next corporate outing, be sure to consider this list of our favorites. When you’re ready to book your team’s corporate housing, give us a call at (212) 242-4108. Check out our online listings to see what apartment rentals are available.

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